Powder Toss

Prayer Powder

Give the affirmational power of prayer a physical boost with Prayer Powder.

  • Stable and hypo-allergenic formulation.
  • Long shelf life. No refrigeration required.
  • Low toxicity, though intended for external use only.
  • Effective at baptizing anyone, dead or alive, into your religion.
  • Effective against religious conversions in absentia.
  • Effective against curses.
  • Effective against demonic possession and repels vampires.
  • Effective against ghosts, hauntings and haunted objects.
  • Effective at transferring sins and guilt to animals, plants, or objects.
  • Effective against apocalypses if you're not ready, and can help you prepare for The Rapture.
  • Great for supporting government-endorsed prayer gatherings.

Research and Development
Research and Development

Prayer Powder is a safe white powder being developed and researched to provide maximum effectiveness for your prayer enhancement needs. Now with the relatively recent discovery of tau neutrino particles, Prayer Powder is now empowered by billions of these particles per second!

Research is continuing to improve this already amazing product, and additional benefits keep being discovered.

Prayer Powder is nearly as effective as the holy relics I've purchased online and at a fraction of the cost.
--Tony Neff
Prayer Powder has increased my chances of winning big in the lottery up to 50% so I'll either win or I won't.
--Shannon Gorges
How to use Prayer Powder
  • For external use only!
  • Cast about a pinch of Prayer Powder shortly before, during or after praying.
  • Affirm what you want, yet be aware of unrealistic expectations. For example, praying for a bag of leaves to turn into money is unrealistic.
  • Focus on attainable goals. For example, pray for the will to stop drinking alcohol, or the will to change the locks and throw an unwanted roommate's stuff out to the curb, not just vaguely wishing them away.
  • You can also sprinkle some Prayer Powder in areas that you wish to bless or protect.
Where to Buy Prayer Powder